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Change your name or change your actions! by Rocco DiTrolio

“So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
John 8:36

Last month we talked about developing habits in our lives that will lead us towards a life of holiness. I firmly believe that we need to learn how to walk in the liberty of the Holy Spirit. I know it isn’t easy, but as servants of God who live in a fallen world, we need to walk in holiness and then teach this generation of believers how they can walk and live in the freedom the Spirit offers them.

I remember a story I heard about a soldier called, Alexander, who was found sleeping while on guard. They brought him to the great leader and conqueror Alexander the Great. He proceeded to ask the soldier “what is your name?” “Alexander” he replied. Alexander the Great then responded “change your name or change your actions.” If we are to call ourselves “Christians”, then we need to make sure that our actions reflect our name. We need to show people what it is really like to walk in the liberty that Christ gave us.

Ted Roberts, in his book, “Desire to be Pure g postmessage propecia guest remember”, speaking about how to conquer sexual addictions, wrote about the sequence necessary for inner transformation.

The world thinks: A change of feeling =change of thoughts= change of conduct.

But something Mr. Roberts wrote caught my attention, and I think the truth is that if you really want to change your way of thinking, thus change your addictive actions, you need to do just the opposite of what many of us believe to be true.

Ted Roberts thinks: Change your conduct = a change of thoughts = a change in

It is only after God transforms our conduct, can we begin to see a change in our thought patterns and feelings. This is a key how to live in total freedom. The dysfunctional family, personal trauma and an addictive society have enslaved many people emotionally, sexually and to addictive substances, but the gospel of Jesus Christ sets people free! We need to believe the word of God and walk in the freedom Christ offers us. There is power in prayer to change our actions! Let’s walk in total freedom, it is only then that we can help liberate others in captivity.

Free in Christ,

Rocco DiTrolio

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