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Archives: July, 2018

Families of Champions

July 14th, 2018

“He and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly.”- Acts 10: 2

How can we develop families with the characteristics of a champion? We are going to see 4 characteristics of a family that can be impressive in the middle of the society in which we live.

The passage in Acts 10 refers to Cornelius, a centurion of the regiment known as the Italian. He lived in Caesarea. Let’s look at the characteristics of your family.

I. Families devoted to God

The word devoted has to do with a person who inspires devotion. It is a consecration to God. How can we inspire devotion? Through our example. It is important that children see the example of their parents. What they say they are, be something daily in their actions. We can not say one thing and do another. Your children will immediately detect the falsehood. Our generation and our churches need more than ever examples, referents of a genuine Christianity. I can not write with my hand and erase with my elbow. Families are needed that show real devotion to God!

II. God fearing families

This does not mean fear but has to do with a bow. Proverbs 1: 7 says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and discipline. “How can God-fearing families be developed? This response has to be born through God-fearing parents. Children have to see reverence towards God in all our decisions. That above all things we seek the will of God and we want to know it every day. Is your longing to start a family with fear of God?

III. Families that serves others

Service to others! What do we do to help our neighbor ?. Jesus said in Matthew 22: 37- “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being and with all your mind,” Jesus replied. 38 This is the first and the most important of the commandments. 39 The second looks like this: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Are we loving God? The service to the community and to our neighbor is the product of our love for God. We must always be willing to help others with our actions, not just words. Cornelio received Pedro at his house. One way to benefit others is to offer hospitality. The service can be done in such simple areas. Our neighbors need the love of God, and this can be achieved through our service to them. Let’s live by benefiting others in a selfish world!

IV. Families of constant prayer

Families of champions are those who are guided to the search for God. They know the importance of prayer therefore they practice prayer in the house. Anyone can pray in a church but our children are those who must experience a life of prayer in the house, rather than in the church. Things begin to happen when we pray. Cornelius had a vision in the evening prayer in which an angel of Yahweh the God of the Hebrews ordered him to call “Simon, who was called Peter” (Acts, 10, 5), who at that time was preaching in Jaffa. Cornelius sent three men to look for Pedro. A man who guided his family to prayer.

I remember as a boy seeing my dad kneeling and crying out to the Lord. He did not just talk about prayer, he practiced it. I believe that all areas, families with devotion, fear of God, and serving others, summarize a family model that prays. Let’s be seekers of God’s presence at all times in our homes. Let’s be families that do not stop praying!

For families of champions …

Pastor Rocco