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Newsletter July 2020

Dear Friends,

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,” – Hebrews 12:28

We are truly thankful that we are a part of a “kingdom that cannot be shaken.” When there is shaking all around us God gives us great assurance.  The writer goes on to say, “be thankful” and “worship God.”  We are most grateful to the Lord for each of you and your part of the ministry in Argentina.  Thanks for your prayers and vital support each month!

School for Pastors and Leaders 2020
In February, we hosted our 6th School for Pastors and Leaders.  It was exciting to see Pastors and Leaders from many different churches receiving training and ministry. We were able to provide scholarships for 12 Bible School students to participate, many of whom have a burden for church planting. We are praying God continues to use the school to inspire, instruct and help train pastors and leaders for a life of service to the Lord.

Teaching Church Planting at Bible School and Future Missionaries

It was thrilling to see the classroom filled with students studying for the ministry and to be a part of the church planting class.  In one of the activities, the students were divided into groups to present how they would plant a new church in Urban, Rural, and a town setting.  It was exciting to see their motivation and enthusiasm.  We were also privileged to teach church planting and discipleship to a group of future missionaries with the Baptist mission. It was such a joy to see them respond with great desire.  Thanks for continuing to pray for workers!

Anniversary of Life Christian Center

We were encouraged as we got to celebrate our 7th Anniversary as a church with a Missions Convention. As part of our activities for the Convention, our Life Groups hosted different countries that our church is helping to support missionaries and we received our Faith Promise giving for the new year.  Our church is currently supporting 15 missionaries serving in World missions. Continue to pray that God will use the church to touch the 400,000 people who live in San Isidro through our “Festival for the Family” and as we continue to help plant churches throughout Argentina.

Family News!

We are so excited to share with you the birth of our first grandchild to Stephen and Courtney.  Ellie Louise was born on February 4th in Princeton, New Jersey.  She has been a gift from the Lord, and we are full of joy to have her in the family. Stephen has just finished his second year of his master’s in theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, Courtney continues to develop her floral business, and Christopher has been working in international business in Houston, Texas. It’s been tough being so far from everyone, but we are grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness. Thanks for your prayers for the family!

New Property and Church Building in Buenos Aires

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We are believing God to help us raise the needed funds for us to purchase a new building for our church in San Isidro. We believe the new property – a quarter of a city block in the heart of San Isidro – will open the doors for us to minister to the unreached in our area. We need 200 units of $5000 to be able to make the purchase.  We currently have 40 units and are still needing 160 units.  Please pray how you might help with one or more or a part of one of those units.  Thanks for standing with us in your prayers and giving!

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We are “thankful” to the Lord and to each of you as we continue to “worship” and serve the Lord in Argentina in a Kingdom that “cannot be shaken”!

Yours in Christ,

Rocco and Daiana Di Trolio
Missionaries to Argentina

The Family

First off, I want to thank you for your faithfulness in praying for us over the past few years. In the same way, God has been very faithful and present in our lives.

On a personal update, Daiana and I were married on September 14, and we are excited for this new chapter to serve God together as we grow in our marriage. Daiana has been a wonderful addition to the church team and I believe her gifts will be used greatly in ministry. I am excited to announce the coming birth of my first grandchild to my eldest son, Stephen and his wife Courtney. Stephen is in his second year of Graduate School in Princeton, New Jersey. Courtney has launched her own floral company and is doing very well. My younger son, Christopher, is now living in Houston, Texas working in international business after a yearlong academic fellowship in Brazil.

The Ministry

I continue to Pastor Life Christian Center in San Isidro. God is blessing the church with new people coming to the Lord. A few highlights, this year we opened our Café Vida to the public and completed our first year of English classes at our Academy with 3 of the students from the neighborhood.

I also traveled this past year to Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica working with AG, Four Square Church and Baptist Church and teaching on the importance of Church Planting and Discipleship as well as promotion of our books. A highlight was that we released “Take Courage” a Devotional book in English by my late wife, Ellen. You will want to get a copy!

The Need of Miracle

Many of you have become aware of our need for a new church planting center and church building for Life Christian Center and the incredible opportunity we have to meet that need. Several have given towards this as we our church continues to grow quickly and need space to see God’s promise unfold over San Isidro. We are currently in two services and will have too soon go to three. The property we are negotiating is a block away from our current building. It is a ¼ of city block in the heart of San Isidro, Buenos Aires. We need to raise a million dollars. No possibilities for loans in Argentina. We need 200-unit offerings of $5000. We currently have 30 and still need 170. Would you consider taking one or more of those units?

Thanks again and May God bless you for your continued prayers and support of the ministry in Argentina.


Dear Friends,

We are excited about this wonderful opportunity!!

Our church has seen great growth over the last 3 years. We grew to two services on Sunday and will soon be adding a third service. Even though we are thrilled by this growth, our current facilities can only allow us to grow up to 200 people. We have been praying and fasting for God’s direction, and the Lord has led us to a piece of property just up the street from us. The property is over 20,000 square feet in the heart of San Isidro! It has a large gym that will seat 800-1000, a large parking area, a large gym area for 300, multiple bathrooms, a large room for 100 children, and ample office space. Purchasing this facility would allow us to grow to upwards of 1000.

The property, which is currently functioning as a gym, was briefly on the market and then shortly after it was taken off. However, through a series of God encounters, the real estate broker was able to contact the owners, and they are willing to sell. Right now it is vital that we move quickly, since we do not know how much more time this window of opportunity will be open.


Please come alongside us through prayers and contributions. They are currently asking $1.200.000. It is well priced, and we would like to make an offer soon. Unfortunately, due to the economic climate in Argentina, there are no possibilities of loans for churches. Our church here is doing its part, and we need you to team up with us in this dream that is bigger than us. We would love to move ahead and see this dream fulfilled, and we need your help by June 1st.

The AGWM Project Number #20872 – San Isidro Buenos Aires, you can send your offering direct to the Assemblies of God World Missions 1445 Boonville Avenue Springfield Missouri 65802

It is exciting to see what God is doing. Lives are being changed weekly, and we believe God will help us reach the 300,000 people that live in San Isidro. If you could send a generous offering to help this become a reality we would be most appreciative. Would consider a receiving a special offering for this need?





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Current Ministry
Rocco has served as a missionary to Argentina since 1988 and is pastor of Life Christian Center in Buenos Aires Argentina. His wife Ellen went to be with the Lord on August 19, 2015. They founded a Center for Church Planting for Latin America.  This network will serve to investigate church planting in spanish speaking countries, encourage and inspire national leaders and pastors of the need to plant new churches, provide relevant materials as well as training.  This network will serve to exchange principles and dynamics for church planting throughout the spanish speaking world. Read More…

Previous Ministry
The DiTrolio’s have started 15 churches throughout northern Argentina and have launched 12 schools of evangelism, a ministry that works in correlation with new church plants by offering believers classes on evangelism in the morning, practicum in the afternoon and nightly church services in the evening.  In 1998 Rocco began directing the National Home Missions/Church Planting Department for the AG in Argentina until 2013. This ministry involved extensive travel throughout the country to encourage congregations to start new churches. They continue to travel and are involved in consulting, motivating and encouraging church planting throughout Argentina and Latin America. Read More…

About Argentina
Second in South America, only to Brazil in size and population, Argentina extends from the Atlantic to the Chilean border and the towering Andean peaks. Aconcagua(22,834 ft,6,960 m) the highest peak in the world outside Asia, resides in Argentina.  The country is also bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay on the north and by Uruguay and Brazil on the east. The northern area, bordering Bolivia and Paraguay,  is tropical in climate, swampy and partly wooded. The center of the country contains the rolling and fertile Pampas, which are rich in agriculture as well as sheep and cattle grazing that supports most of the population. Southward is the Patagonia, a region of cool, arid  wooded steppes and fertile sections, it is also known for its cold, snow and glaciers. Read More…