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Archives: September, 2008

Come Talk With Me by Ellen DiTrolio

September 16th, 2008


Recently I was talking to a friend about what her most favorite things are and I began to think about mine. I have always had a love affair with flower gardens and butterflies! When my husband and I were dating, we would take long walks in Botanical Gardens and local parks. To this day we still love to take a stroll, holding hands, relating how our day has gone or what’s on our hearts.

When the Thomas Kinkade pictures became famous, I was fascinated with his renditions of gloriously beautiful garden landscapes. When I was a young girl, one of my favorite books was called “The Secret Garden” and one of my favorite hymns is (I know this dates me) “In the Garden”. I think you are getting the picture! I love flower gardens! They are a place where I can leave the worries and cares of life behind and spend quiet time with the Lord. Read the rest of this entry »