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Archives: December, 2007

Thoughts from Ellen- Resolutions 2008

December 26th, 2007


It’s January and that means it is time to make a new years resolution. Well this year I am on strike. I will make no resolutions, no new goals or plans for this year. Every year prior to this one I have made my list like all the other hopeful people in the world. So what stopped me? I believe that it is important to set goals; but are most New Years resolutions reasonable goals or unrealistic fantasies? I have decided that making a new years resolution is a set up for failure. Most of us will say that we want to lose weight, (it really must be the number one resolution…..don’t you think?) Some will decide they will be more punctual and others will decide to make changes in the bad habits that they want to be rid of. Read the rest of this entry »