Rocco DiTrolio
Missionary to Argentina
"you can help make a difference"

"Children are not only our future, they are the future of the church."

Rocco and his wife, Ellen, have been involved in evangelism,and church planting. They have been Missionaries in Argentina since 1988. They are co-pastoring the Life Christian Center in Buenos Aires Argentina. They founded a Center for Church Planting for Latin America. This network will serve to investigate church planting in spanish speaking countries, encourage and inspire national leaders and pastors of the need to plant new churches, provide relevant materials as well as training. This network will serve to exchange principles and dynamics for church planting throughout the spanish speaking world.During their first term their ministry was responsible for the new church plantings in the cities of Formosa, Santa Fe and Colastine. During their second term,their ministry helped specifically with the new church planting in the city of Reconquista,the closest A/G church 150 miles away.

They also were responsible for planting a new church planting in the city of Santo Tome,a neighboring city of Santa Fe where they live. During their third term of service,they have started five new church plantings. One in the city of Formosa,with the help of the church started there eight years ago. A new church planting in the city of Avellaneda was started as well,in July 1998 with the help of the church in Reconquista,a neighboring city. CHURCHES STARTING CHURCHES!

A new church planting was started in the city of San Justo,an important agricultural city in the province,in 1998 and a new church planting was started in the city of San Lorenzo,in 1999,with the prayer and financial help of several of the churches in our district,(where Rocco was superintendent).

And most recent a church in the city of Rafaela,a city of 90,000 people,was begun. Their ministry has also included the launching of the Schools of Evangelism a mobile training center in evangelism,which consists of morning classes,afternoon practical outreach work,and evening crusades. These schools of Evangelism always work in correlation to a new church planting. We have had 12 such schools with approximately 200 graduates.

Rocco was asked to direct the National Home Missions Department for the A/G of Argentina with a special thrust in Church Planting in May of 1998 till October 2013.  He traveled extensively encouraging churches throughout the country to participate in starting churches. They continue to travel but throughout Latin America promoting the importance to plant churches.

Ellen has been involved in a local Christian radio program directed towards the needs of women and the family this last tern as well as speaking to women in women’s groups and churches. She has been used to encourage and train the new church planting pastor’s wives!