Rocco DiTrolio
Missionary to Argentina
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"We are seeing God at work."

Churches Planted

The First church located in Santa Fe is Centro Cristiano de Adoracion:

Pastors Andres and Elizabeth Diaz

This church was started on August 22, 1989 in a rented building in the cityof Santa Fe. We started in a store front. The rent went from $70 per month and 18 monthes later we were paying $1200 per month. That forced us to lookfor a facility. In December 1990 the congregation moved into an oldwarehouse/garage that was converted into a beautiful sanctuary by the sacrifice of the local church. The church has grown both spiritually and numerically. Their attendance is around 350-400. Just recently thecongregation rented a theater that was being used as a discotec for the church. They can seat upwards to 800 or so in the new rented facility.Praise the Lord. The Pastors Andres and Elizabeth Diaz have 3 boys,Jonathan, Maxi, and Luke. Pray for them to move forward in the Spirit.

The second church is Centro Cristiano de Colastine:

Pastors Edward and Vanesa Rodriguez.

This congregation began as a home group from the Evangelistic Center in SantaFe. The congregation grew after a crusade in the city and a piece of propertywas purchased in 1991. A MAPS,construction team from Victory Chapel in ChristianaPennsylvania,helped in the purchase and construction of that church. Theyare growing and going forward under the Leadership of Pastors Edward and Vanesa Rodriguez.

The third church is Centro Evangelistico de Formosa:
Pastors Ruben and Mirta Martearena

This church began in February of 1989. Pastor Ruben began by nightlymeetings in the plaza. Many souls were touched and brought into the Kingdom.In June 1989 the congregation moved on to a piece of property that waspurchased by the support of friends of our ministry. A tent was put on thatspot and the congregation went forward. In 1990,a MAPS,contruction teamfrom Bethlehem Church Valley Stream,NY built on that property and today thechurch is jammed to the doors. Please pray for the expansion of thiscongregation. Also pray for Pastors Ruben and Mirta Martearena and theirtwo sons,Mathias and Gonzalo.

The fourth church is Centro Cristiano de Reconquista:
Pastors Javier and Claudia Pichulman.

This congregation began in November 1993 in a rented building across thestreet from the bus station. Later that year a crusade was held and manywere touched. In 1994 a Light for the Lost Prayer task force team came andprayed for the city and congregation. The church grew and in January 1995purchased property and began construction of a church building. With theassistance of a MAPS team from First Assembly of God Marcy,NY and MountHope Church Lansing,MI they built a beautiful church to the Glory of God.Pastors Javier and Claudia Pichulman,and their two daughters,Camilia and Celeste are doing awonderful job. Pray for them as they work to reach this northern city forChrist

The fifth church is La Iglesia Cristo Redentor-SantoTome:
Pastors Sergio y Marisa Sanchez

This church is located in a city of 50,000 people. The church was startedin August 1995. They have completed the building and are finishing therestrooms. The church is growing each week. It is wonderful to see newsouls coming to the Lord in Santo Tome.

Reverend Rocco DiTrolio and Pastor Ramon Leiva

The sixth church called Centro Familiar Cristiano is located in Formosa – Barrio Republica Argentina :
Formosa- Barrio Republica Argentina- Pastors Ramon and Eve Leiva.

This a neighborhood of 60,000 people. The Lord allowed us to daughter thisnew church with the church in Formosa that we opened almost 10 yearsago. The new congregation is growing. It was started in Feb. 1998.

The seventh church located in Avellaneda, Santa Fe is Centro Cristiano de Avellaneda:
Pastores Marcelo y Mercedes Miskinich

This is a city of 30,000 people. We started the church in July 1998. Thechurch is doing well. They are currently involved in a discipleship programfor the new converts and congregation. They are also in construction ofclass rooms for the church which will serve as a parsonage for now. Theyare excited!

The eighth church located in San Justo is Centro Cristiano de San Justo :
Pastors Claudio y Claudia Gutierrez.

This church is located 1 hour north of Santa Fe. It is a nice city with a need for the Gospel.It was started in Sept. 1998.We had the first baptismal at the church in San Justo on June 19th and the first Communion Service. There were 4 new believers baptized. It was a wonderful service!!

The ninth church located in San Lorenzo, Santa Fe
Pastores Nelson and Marta Villagra

This is a city of 50,000 people. It is a very historic city in Argentina.Some very important events in the history of Argentina took place in SanLorenzo. We started the church in July 1999. They currently finishingconstruction on the church. The Lord is blessing them!

The tenth church in Rafaela, Santa Fe
Pastors Gonzalo and Lizzy Caloustian

The church in Rafaela is located in a city of 90,000 people. It is a veryprosperous city. We wanted to start a church there 7 years ago,but thedoors were closed. In November 2000,we planted our 10th church in thiscity,for which we give thanks to the Lord. It has been a great battle,butthe victory is coming. They have an attendance of 50 people.

The eleventh church in Esperanza
Santa Fe-2004Pastors Alberto and Andrea Mansilla

The twelfth church in Clorinda
Formosa-2005Pastors Martin and Gloria Martinez

The thirtieth church in Pirane